name necklace

Name necklace. Handcrafted in 14k gold

Name necklace. Personalized necklace with your name.

If you plan to give something very special in 14 karat gold, we recommend purchasing a personalized name necklace.

This year they are very fashionable all over the world and it will also be something you can save for future generations.

The name necklace can be of various styles and fonts. You can search the internet for some fonts that you like and based on their design, order your order.

Usually the chains that carry this type of necklaces are of the rolo style, but it can also be a cartier-type chain or a curb-type chain.

The 14 karat name necklace weighs approximately 7 grams of gold and is priced at around $ 700.

Name Necklace

Your name necklace can be cut by hand or use the best laser cutting technology. Also the ornaments they carry can be engraved and diamond-cut by hand or with machinery.

At we have the right staff and equipment to place your order with the highest quality and in the best estimated time.

We send your name jewelry to your home throughout Mexico and also to the United States. Your order travels safely via DHL and Fedex.

Get in touch with our sales agents at whatsapp number 33 2728 4027 or send email to

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All the jewelry that we manufacture at is of the highest quality.

We only sell very well made jewelry.

All our suppliers are registered with the Jalisco Jewelry Chamber.

All our suppliers guarantee 100% the raw material they use to make jewelry.

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