Mexican Jewelry. High quality 14 karat gold jewelry.

Jewelry has been part of Mexican culture since time immemorial. The Mayans and Aztecs pioneered incredible gemstone carving techniques for jewelry and also metal manipulation in Mexico.

Mexican jewelers have learned over the centuries the best local jewelry techniques and have also shared other techniques with other jewelers from different countries.

Mexican jewelry is characterized by designs and shapes made 100% by hand. They use natural materials such as gold, silver and also threads and natural leather.

Currently Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico is the cradle of the best jewelers in Mexico. In this city the best pieces of jewelry with the highest quality are manufactured.

If you are interested in buying Mexican gold jewelry, you can request the digital catalog with our sales agents at the whatsapp number 3327284027 or send an email to

All jewelry that we sell on our website is 100% guaranteed. We ship anywhere in the United States.

On our website you can find rings, charms, earrings, chains and also bracelets.

Mexican Jewelry

We specialize in the manufacture of special designs. We have the appropriate staff and machinery specialized in the manufacture of any design. Our 3d designers will use their knowledge to satisfy our clients. we are an online company that was born as a result of the covid 19 pandemic. Our mission is to bring jewelry to the homes of our clients throughout Mexico and the United States. You don’t need to come to Guadalajara to get the best quality jewelry.

Centro joyero Guadalajara

From the beginning of the year 2020 we began to work. Today we already have many satisfied customers in the United States. They have received their jewelry in good condition. All jewelry we sell in the United States is Guaranteed and insured.

We invite you to visit our official home page JOYEROS.MX

Remember that we can also make personalized jewelry. For example name necklaces, name bracelets or also personalized rings.

Our Instagram JOYEROS.MX_GDL

Remember that we are specialists in the manufacture of 14 karat gold bracelets

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